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Research and Development

Morgan Pharma is confident that an innovative research, combined with broad experience and respect for the strictest health regulations, leads to the creation of quality and avant-garde products.
The company has research laboratories equipped with modern instruments, while its professionals are in regular contact with medical specialists and in close collaboration with major universities in Italy that operate in the fields of dermatology, gynaecology and paediatrics. Thus, an R&D process aimed at the creation of safe, effective and innovative products takes place.

Morgan Pharma’s R&D is mainly oriented to the fields of dermatology and gynaecology, while, recently, it has been strengthening its competence even in the field of paediatrics.
Both topical and systemic treatments are developed following a careful selection of raw materials (skin-friendly surfactants, gentle solvents, natural active ingredients, allergen-free fragrances), in order to guarantee the excellence of the final product.

Our Quality system

Morgan Pharma has started a continuous and consistent development process, establishing the objective of providing doctors with effective solutions in the fields of pharmacy, dermocosmetics, dietetics with well-tried products.
Our company is committed to guaranteeing all the relevant quality standards from the organizational, technical, scientific, legal, control and pharmacovigilance point of view that can be found in a leading pharmaceutical company.

For these reasons, Morgan Pharma is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified; operates according to GMP standards, and has an efficient internal quality system that enhances and ensures the work carried out.

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Research and Development

We have research laboratories with modern instruments.