EUBOS Detergente Solido

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EUBOS Detergente Solido

Soap-free bar (syndet) for daily, dermatologically gentle body cleansing of blemished and combination skins.


The ingredients and their effects:

Our soap-free formula includes selected detergent-base materials and protective care additives such as Allantoin. As EUBOS SOLID WASHING BAR BLUE is pH-neutral, alkaline swelling of the skin – often caused by conventional soap – is hindered and its natural biosphere is protected.

For extra-high tolerance:


  • perfume-free
  • alkali and soap-free and
  • contains no cocamidopropyl betaine

pH factor:

pH neutral


Apply like conventional soap and put in a dry place after use. Regular hand washing effectively reduces the risk of infection to influenza viruses and other germs.

The result

Deep-pore skin cleaning.

Skin tolerance is endorsed by dermatologists.

Our recommendation:

EUBOS SOLID WASHING BAR BLUE is particularly recommended for problematic, impure skin or general soap or perfume intolerance. If you prefer a fluid alternative, we recommend LIQUID WASHING EMULSION blue.