EUBOS Detergente Liquido

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EUBOS Detergente Liquido

Shower and bath washing emulsion for daily dermatological and gentle body cleansing of normal, combination and impure skins.


The ingredients and their effects:

This special formula with approved detergent base materials is particularly suitable for deep-pore cleansing of sensitive, problematic or impure skin. It is generally recommended for soap intolerance and to bolster therapeutical measures. The pH-balanced formula contains 6% amphoacetate and is free of alkaline soap. It has a mild yet deep-pore cleansing effect while protecting the skin's natural biosphere − its barrier. It contains EUBOSOFT®, a care formulation with allantoin and a natural humectant agent (sodium PCA which is a natural skin component).

For extra-high tolerance:


  • perfume-free
  • alkali and soap-free and
  • ontains no cocamidopropyl betaine

pH factor:

physiological pH


When showering, use like conventional products and create plenty of lather before applying. For use in a bath add EUBOS LIQUID WASHING EMULSION BLUE to the running bath water.   

The result:

The balanced pH factor (5.5) protects and stabilizes the skin's natural biosphere, even when applied regularly. After washing your skin will feel clean, refreshed and smooth.

The outstanding skin tolerance is endorsed by dermatologists.

Our recommendation:

For soothing, relaxing post skin-cleansing care, we recommend applying a body lotion such as DERMAL BALSAM for normal skin or DERMAL BALSAM F for dry skin.