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Morgan Srl

Via Canestrello, 2/B
36050 Monteviale (VI) ITALY

T +39 0444 927636
F +39 0444 922532
P.IVA. 02316430244

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Morgan Pharma is actively involved in pharmacovigilance, gathering reports of adverse effects of pharmaceutical products.
The aim of pharmacovigilance is to collect information and evidence on readily available drugs, so data about the safety of a drug, the relationship between risk and benefit and its adverse effects is always up-to-date, ensuring patient safety.
Morgan Pharma provides an email address and mobile phone number which can be used to report any problems with adverse drug reactions.


Head of the Pharmacovigilance service: Dr. Fabiana Auricchio

Hourly availability 24H Phone: +39 3351258534 

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