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Our immune system: what we can do to help it

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    Our immune system is a kind of litmus paper of our psycho-physical wellbeing. So keeping it well and balanced is important for our health.

    Stress, a drop in our immune defences, nutritional deficiencies, pollution, cold temperatures and high humidity can alter the hydro-lipid film which protects our skin and cause the onset of seborrhoeic dermatitis, due to a fungus which, normally a ‘passive’ guest on our skin, suddenly becomes ‘active’.
    Seborrhoeic dermatitis is triggered by an alteration in sebum secretion, affecting the areas of our skin with the most sebaceous glands. So our scalp, eyebrows, the central part of the face, the folds behind our ears, our chest and under our arms.

    Who is most affected by seborrhoeic dermatitis?

    Research has shown that men aged between 20 and 40 are most affected by seborrhoeic dermatitis because the condition tends to appear for the first time at this moment in their lives.

    How is it treated?

    Seborrhoeic dermatitis often causes psychological and physical distress, especially in younger sufferers, because of the red, generally well-defined, scaly patches that appear. Flakes can be fine, dry, white and on the surface of the skin or larger, yellow and greasy and more raised. The flakes are immediately visible, making sufferers very aware of the problem.

    We developed the Oleocut DS range to provide effective solutions to this skin condition, offering complete and effective treatments which are the culmination of extensive research. All the products in the range contain a concentrate of thermal spring water from Salies-de-Bèarn in the Pyrenees which, thanks to its soothing and sebum-normalising properties, helps reduce redness, a common symptom of seborrhoeic skin. The products also contain the powerful SILIKIL® complex, which prevents the proliferation of the fungus.

    The range consists of: Anti-dandruff Shampoo which cleanses greasy hair and flaky, inflamed scalps. Ultra Shampoo: shock action for hair and flaky, inflamed scalps with flaky dandruff. Mattifying Emulsion: a mattifying, anti-inflammatory treatment for greasy seborrhoeic facial skin. The latest addition to the range is Mousse PV (pv), specially formulated to treat skin mycosis in areas where it is difficult to apply traditional cream. The product, in mousse form, is easy to massage into the torso, back, nape, neck and hairy areas.

    Thanks to Oleocut DS, the ‘active’ life of the fungus that causes seborrhoeic dermatitis is bought to a halt, improving the health and appearance of skin prone to this unsightly condition.

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