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The benefits of thermal spring water for our skin

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    Fundamental for face and body hydration, thermal spring water naturally restores balance to skin and gives immediate benefits. Man has used thermal spring water since time immemorial, taking advantage of its many qualities; it has calming, immunostimulant properties, it can have a beneficial effect on respiratory disorders, it strengthens the immune system, regulates the intestine and is beneficial for the skin. Recently, thermal spring water has become the go-to skincare product, especially in spray form. But what is it exactly? And what benefits can you get from using it? First of all, this totally natural product comes from hot underground springs and absorbs salts and trace elements with countless beneficial properties as it flows deep below the ground. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits thermal spring water can have for our skin.

    Refreshes and hydrates

    Thermal spring water can be used in one of the most important steps in our skincare routine: hydration. We all need water for healthy skin; when it doesn’t get enough, it tends to become stiff and tight, whereas when well-hydrated it is a lot softer and more supple. A thermal spring water spray is ideal for hydrating your skin after exercising, when travelling (especially in planes where the air conditioning tends to dry the skin out) and when it’s very hot. It can be used on your face, especially in the eye and eyelid area, because here the skin is thinner, more vulnerable and often prone to irritation due to rubbing or applying make-up. The parts of your body, on the other hand, which are more prone to dryness are the forearms and legs because they have fewer sebaceous glands (which naturally protect from a shortage of water) than the face, so the skin here tends to age more quickly. And don’t forget to hydrate your skin after depilation and exposure to the sun because they can both make it drier.


    You can also use this product to protect against pollution and fix make-up, as it forms a protective layer over your skin. Thermal spring water is a great beauty all-rounder, in fact you can use it to water down foundation or concealer and dampen your brushes before applying eye shadow.


    The spray can be used as a tonic for your skin because of the revitalising effect it has on it.


    Try spraying thermal spring water onto your legs to stop them feeling heavy and swollen or use it to relax stressed eyes and give relief to irritated eyelids. Soak some gauze with thermal spring water and leave on your eyelids for maximum effect.


    IMMUNO Skin Spray, a concentrate of thermal spring water from Salies-de-Bèarn (Pyrenees) which is rich in minerals and soothing components, can be used daily to give relief to sunburn, insect bites, irritation, redness, psoriasis and dermatitis. It is also recommended after depilation and aggressive dermatological treatments which can put skin under a great deal of stress, like laser treatments.  Thanks to its salts and trace elements with their high magnesium content, the formula is further enriched with allantoin and panthenol to boost the emollient action.

    Thermal water from Salies-de-Bèarn (Pyrenees) contains

    • Magnesium: relieves feelings of irritation and itchiness.
    • Calcium: maintains skin integrity.
    • Potassium: has a hydrating, anti-bacterial action.
    • Sodium: helps keep skin supple, hydrates.
    • Sulphur: improves collagen synthesis and cellular respiration, exfoliates and soothes. Is particularly recommended to treat eczema, scars and burns.
    • Zinc: with its anti-inflammatory action, it plays a key role in protein and collagen synthesis. Is recommended to treat acne and rosacea.

    The spray releases a pleasant mist of thermal spring water that gives instant relief.

    IMMUNO Skin® Spray is suitable for dry, sensitive skin.

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